The Monster Cries Out For Love In The End Of The World

In the boy’s dream, he was born naked in the wilderness, and then walked to a lake with his twin souls in his subconscious in order to escape the cruelty of reality. In the real world and the post-human world, human nature is extremely cruel, and the constant marginalized alienated violence makes people crazy.

Original Title 在世界尽头哭喊爱的野兽
Time 2023
Medium Moving image (color, with sound),variable size, video monitors.
Length 9’00”
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Dialogue Mandarin, English

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龙龙 Hoculio

对白 Dialogue
杨臻 Ahzel
张佩韦 Zoey

制片 Producer
杨臻 Ahzel

摄影 Cinematographer
杨臻 Ahzel

剪辑 Film Editing
杨臻 Ahzel

动画 Animator
周子凌 Murphy Nile

插画 Illustrator
林浩喆 Lin Haozhe

文本 Text
黄祺祥 Huang Qixiang
杨臻 Ahzel

鸣谢 Acknowledgement
孔亦夫 Kecy
木巾 Mujin

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