2022: @ Dunhuang Odyssey

The project was inspired by rumors about the original creator of the Dūnhuáng Grottoes, the sage “Lè zūn”, and the story is narrtive by non-linear time-space. The project is conceived as an unconventional opera that takes place in the visual world, from NFT to the (un)real world, from URL to the IRL, from the sunk panel in Dūnhuáng to the manhole cover in Shanghai.

This project is divided into parts of the Cyber Buddha installation exhibition hall, constructed by modeling software. In addition, another part of the collection of data and images collected during the research, and finally concatenated into a humorous and dark epic.

Time 2022
Medium Moving image (color, with sound),variable size, video monitors.
Length 8’00”
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Dialogue Mandarin, English

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制片 Producer
顾苑藐 Gu Yuanmiao
杨臻 Ahzel

文本 Script
杨臻 Ahzel

动画 Animator
顾苑藐 Gu Yuanmiao

剪辑 Film Editing
杨臻 Ahzel

音乐 Original Music

渲染 Renderer
顾苑藐 Gu Yuanmiao
翟雪影 Zhai Xueying

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